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NNDRC Diamond Anniversary ASS 2009 (Lewis)    NNDRC YSS September 2013 (Carron)


NNDRC 2016 ASS haul    Talla, winner AOC Shaded ASS 2016        Kendrick, winner AOC ASS 2016


Awards above l-r Diamond Anniversary show sealpoint CC award; YSS AOC sheild; ASS AOC shaded award


Lewis's NNDRC double champ certificate         Murran's NNDRC champ certificate 


Carron's NNDRC champ certificate            Mungo's NNDRC double champ certificate


Lewis (NNDRC grand champ)

Mungo (NNDRC grand champ)    

Talla (NNDRC grand champ)

Murran's BRC double silver star diploma


Murran at the NNDRC ASS 2014        Vari        Amelia

Milly, one of my foundation does        baby Lewis in June 2008        Freda's litter to Oscar (Lewis far right)               


Agatha        Patrick        Freda        Bluebell 

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