for sale

There are no rabbits available at the moment


70 each, 135 for a pair

20 deposit required for reservation.

Please bring a travelling box at collection.


I only let fit, healthy animals go to their new homes, and I keep them till they're ten-twelve weeks min to make sure they've had a good length of time away from their mum and are growing and putting weight on. I've been breeding my rabbits since 1996 so I'm well used to assessing them for health and condition,

The best pairings are 2 does or a doe with a neutered buck - I never pair two bucks and strongly advise against it. 

I feed my rabbits Henry Bell muesli mix and Rabbit Royale.  I provide new owners with enough food for the first week (1 tablespoon am, 1-2 tablespoonfuls pm).  Babies tend not to eat as much as adults, so if they leave more than a few pieces of food then reduce the amount slightly so they are at least just about finishing their quota (so they get a properly balanced diet of all the ingredients in the rabbit mix).  Keep them on the rabbit mix and hay only for the first 3 weeks or so to settle them in gently to their new environment before feeding carrots and other green foodstuff.


I am a private seller of excess stock bred for the purpose of exhibiting, not a pet trader.  

Visitors by appointment - please email  me.


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