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for sale


tortoiseshell doe, date of birth 5 Feb 2018


 For other colours, please email to have your name put on the waiting list.



Show/breeding stock 50                                Pets 50

15 deposit required for reservation.

Please bring a travelling box at collection.

I feed my rabbits muesli mix with Rabbit Royale.  I provide new owners with enough food for the first week (1 tablespoon am, 1-2 tablespoonfuls pm).  Babies tend not to eat as much as adults, so if they leave more than a few pieces of food then reduce the amount slightly so they are at least just about finishing their quota (so they get a properly balanced diet of all the ingredients in the rabbit mix).  Keep them on the rabbit mix and hay only for the first 3 weeks or so to settle them in gently to their new environment before feeding carrots and other green foodstuff.


I am a private seller of excess stock bred for the purpose of exhibiting, not a pet trader.  

Visitors by appointment - please email  me.


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