Enteritis is a very severe form of diarrhoea caused by the absence of beneficial bacteria in the rabbit's gut.  The overgrowth in quantity of pathogenic bacteria in the gut causes overproduction of toxins, causing damage to the intestines and other body organs.  The rabbit quickly loses a lot of fluid, rapidly becoming hugely dehydrated, putting more strain on it's system.  

Very loose (runny) faecal matter with a strong unpleasant smell, along with loss of appetite, are the symptoms and as soon as they are observed the animal needs immediate rehydration and administration of beneficial bacteria, as well as antibiotic treatment.

The best drugs to use Neomycin and Gentimycin, as these are strong enough to have some effect.  However, this is one of the most severe conditions to affect rabbits and it causes a huge amount of stress to their body, and often they cannot recover from it.

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